Monday, November 10, 2014

American Steel Today

In the American steel industry, few companies outperform Nucor Corporation, which is a steel company that recycles more scrap metal per year than any other company. This makes for a highly cost effective process that also conserves natural resources. Rather than processing raw pig iron, Nucor takes scrap metal from all sources to produce their steel. Yet, this process of constantly recycling gradually reduces the quality of steel, as more and more of its original quality is lost in the recycling process. For a while, Nucor steel was on the decline due to this loss of value over time.  Now Nucor is starting to incorporate small portions of highly pure steel and iron to improve the quality of these recycled batches.  Many people believe that this subtle boost in quality will put Nucor back on the rise, not only as an American standard of excellence, but also as a role model in foreign countries.

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