Monday, November 24, 2014

Final Assembly of Next Mars Lander

Lockheed Martin is beginning the final assembly of the next Mars lander, which is a revolutionary step in a revolutionary project.  This lander will distinguish itself from previous explorers by digging beneath the surface of Mars to investigate the planet's past and help us learn about its beginnings.  Not only do scientists want to know more about the history of Mars' surface, but also other planets; missions with the new lander might provide insights about other planets, and earth's place in things.  Since all the inner planets of the solar system are rocky and solid, we may be able to find similarities between them and figure out even more about the genesis of our solar system, and beyond.  This lander will overcome the Phoenix and the Viking, previous Mars landers, in functionality and capability.  Thus, the exploration of space and our surroundings continues.

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