Monday, November 10, 2014

"Make it Wearable" by Intel - Mad Scientists Unite

Imagine the world’s greatest inventions; now imagine wearing them. Cool right? Intel thought so too and launched the “Make It Wearable” challenge for all tinkerers and inventors who think outside the box. A global project posed to the greatest minds across the globe the “Make It Wearable” challenge. The challenge consists of two parts: Dream It and Build It. Dream It is known as the “visionary track,” a section of the competition that allows contestants to submit ideas they believe will change the course of technological advances. Build it, also known as the Development track, is for those who think with their brains and hands, anyone who designs and builds. It focuses on the “concepts that are both excitingly innovative and feasible to execute.” There are currently five finalists who have submitted their concepts and designs including the BABYE, an emotional prosthetic that allows a mother to relay real time haptic information, that of which is related to a sense of touch, to a new born child in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Due to the importance of touch between a mother and her developing baby, Raphael PM Lang and Camilo Anabalon have developed this technology to maintain a physical relationship while the child is separated in intensive care. Another group, Nixie, is developing a Flyable Wearable Camera that hangs on your wrist. By the wearer’s cue, Nixie will fly off the wrist travel out so many feet snap a picture and return to its operator. Christoph Kohstall
, Jelena Jovanovic
, and Michael Niedermayr
 wanted a device that was capable of, “capturing the moment without interrupting the moment.” Although applications are long overdue, interested individuals are able to follow the competition on The Development Track Winner will be announced on November 11, 2014.
-Alexandria Miranda

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