Friday, April 10, 2015

“Recycling” Fracking Wells

“Geothermal Engineering”, a Cornwall European company, innovated a peculiar idea. This idea is to recycled previously used and exhausted fracking (hydraulic fracturing wells) harvested from oil and gas industries as a geothermal power source. The company will be specifically used old wells drilled by “Cuadrilla”, a fracking company. Recent notes have called for a systematic design where the fracking wells will potentially deliver both shale gas and a ‘renewable’ geothermal heat.

Newly established geothermal plants have relatively high foundation costs. This approach at utilizing previously drilled wells for innovative purposed could provide a more economic approach to implementing this clean energy source. The managing director of the company, Ryan Law, mentioned that the program could bore positive results. “The possibility of using existing wells enables us to not only deliver renewable geothermal heat at a much lower cost but also to recycle wells that would otherwise be wasted”, stated by Law.  These results could effect the reduction of costs associated with geothermal projects.

So, what do you think? Should we utilizing a destructive practice (Fracking) in a positive way? Or terminate the practice entirely?

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