Friday, March 20, 2015

Cool Pocket Synths

What can $59 put into your snug pocket? A cool, miniature pocket synthesizer! Among the years, synthesizers have been used an a captivating musical instrument in many popular songs. The expense of this machine to the music and technology industry is immense. There have been synthesizers created by Roland, Mood, Korg and other, but nothing seems to come close to the more affordable gadget designed by the company: Teenage Engineering. Teenage Engineering, proclaimed makers of the expensive OP-1 synthesizer, have engineered three nifty mechanisms at a measly price of $59 USD (Compared to the OP-1 which is $850 USD). This simplistic machine is powered by two AAA batteries, while the board itself is stripped back to give a rustic appeal. Each synthesizer has it’s own retro casing in the colors: cyan blue, neon green, and tangerine orange. The PO-12 (“Rhythm”) dry machine comes in green, the PO-14 (“Sub”) bass synth in blue and the PO-16 (“Factory”) melody synth in orange. Each designed comes with a sleek checkerboard design of different press-and-play knobs and two 3.5mm ports to interconnect and chain all three devices together for a superior beat making experience; all "bells-and-whistles" included. The main differences between this device and previously made synthesizers are simplicity and size. Usual synthesizers are as large as two checkerboards combines, while these three pocket synthesizers are the sizer of basic calculators. Size can also be a downside to the synthesizer trio. While the small size may prove useful in smaller settings, lack of a larger plethora of sounds and mixes might place a limit on the artist's creativity. How might YOU use the synthesizer? 


Written by: Sofia Azmal

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