Friday, March 20, 2015

Walkman NW-ZX2: What's the fuss?

In a massive cellular age consistent of MP3 audio, what happens to the old, clunky has-been mechanisms of the Walkman? Apparently, it’s been brought back from the dead by Sony Corporations. The Walkman NW-ZX2, coexisting as an amped version of the NW-ZX1, has given consumers light to high quality sound in their audio books, music, and pod casts. The catch to this yesteryear memory, however is the price. At a whopping 1200 USD, one can obtain the refined music player styled with a black-and-gold aluminum body and eccentric circuitry. The pride of the Walkman has been brought forth to compete against Apple’s iPod market. The impressive sound quality of the NW-ZX1 is recognized as high-resolution audio; a proud declaration made by the ever insistent Tokyo-based company. High resolution audio isn’t something that’s particularly new nor anything captivating to the American consumer. Consistent on embracing their own technological format to refute the iPods third-party format, the decline of Walkman users has since caused been on the rise due to the inconvenience of purchasing Sony formatted music. Scarce visibility in US retail has caused a controversial question for the company’s progress: Are Walkmen going to debut once more?

Written by: Sofia Azmal

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